We empower philanthropists to leverage their resources and amplify their impact.

Exponent Philanthropy is the country’s largest association of funders—nearly 2,000 members strong—and the only one dedicated to serving foundations with few or no staff, philanthropic families, and individual donors.

Our vibrant network has in common lean operations and a style of philanthropy motivated by personal passion, community needs, and the strong desire for better outcomes. We provide high-quality and cost-effective programs, resources, and connections that maximize our members’ dollars and time for the benefit of diverse communities and causes.


A better world through informed, passionate philanthropy.

Core Values

The beliefs underlying who we are and how we work.


Two decades ago, a group of trustees and executives from foundations with few or no staff saw an opportunity to unite for the development of their craft. Gathering at a conference under a handwritten sign reading “Are you alone with millions?” they met, talked, listened, and took the bold step to form what became the Association of Small Foundations (ASF). 

In fall 2011, as any vibrant organization should, ASF began an in-depth strategic planning process. The comprehensive endeavor resulted in a new strategic framework and suggested a more powerful way to define our members—not in quantitative terms (as philanthropists with few or no staff) but by the qualitative traits that describe their unique style of philanthropy: lean, agile, responsive, passionate, personal.

We also recognized an opportunity to support all philanthropists who share these traits, regardless of the vehicles through which they give. In fact, many members already saw beyond the foundation vehicle to donor advised funds, giving circles, and personal philanthropy.

In March 2014, to welcome all who choose to give big while keeping operations lean, to reflect the power of their unique style of giving, and to represent our work to amplify and celebrate it, we changed our name to Exponent Philanthropy.

In 2016, we celebrated the 20th Anniversary of serving funders who practice philanthropy with few or no staff. This celebration included special programming, a blog series that showcased the impact we have had on our members’ philanthropy, and three inaugural Outsized Impact Awards. View our 20th Anniversary commemoration booklet.


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