Community Involvement

Piedmont Health Care Foundation
South Carolina
"Our website has streamlined things for us as a small foundation," says Executive Director Katherine Pugh Smith. "We used to publish a brochure and mail it out each year to explain our grant guidelines, and we would field many calls with questions about what we fund. Now, I simply e-mail the link to our website to potential grantees each year, and if someone calls, I direct them there. I am sure there are many people who don't even call to inquire because they look at the website first and find they are not a fit for funding."

Additional Member Stories

“We have the foundation’s guidelines, application, and report form all on the website. Not only does it save me phone calls, it saves me the time of having to copy and mail basic information and documents to nonprofits. To “advertise” our new website, I sent out postcards with the Web address to everyone on our mailing list. It was quick, simple, and relatively inexpensive.”
–Dee Ann Harris, Leightman Maxey Foundation, Medford, OR
“Good local organizations are finding us by conducting Internet searches—it’s great public relations.”
–Lindsey Stammerjohn, John Gogian Family Foundation, Torrance, CA