Creative Vision

By Hattie Hyman Hughes
Fremont Bank Foundation

"Ten years ago while taking a personal empowerment course, I was asked to create a vision for a project bigger than I thought possible. At the time, I was volunteering at a free dining program for the homeless and needy. Several clients were in need of basic medical treatment, but we were unable to provide even over the counter medication and they lacked transportation to medical clinics.

The idea of a mobile medical unit supported by medical professionals seemed like a wonderful idea. Several months later, I was given the opportunity as the president of Fremont Bank Foundation to provide a $10,000 grant to Tri-City Homeless Coalition to refurbish a recreational vehicle to support a mobile medical unit.

The poor little vehicle worked itself to death over a 10-year period serving several thousand clients. It was an honor and privilege for Fremont Bank Foundation to recently offer a $50,000 matching grant to replace the vehicle with a brand new mobile medical unit. The matching funds plus more were raised, and the mobile medical unit is in full operation."g taken seriously.