Global Oneness Project

Kalliopeia Foundation
San Rafael

In 2006,Kalliopeia Foundation launched the Global Oneness Project, a multi-media initiative to inspire dialogue about our interconnectedness with one another and all life: "Through our grantmaking we seek to strengthen a collective recognition of the oneness of humanity."

The Global Oneness Project has visited six continents since 2006, gathering stories from more than 100 creative and courageous people who base their lives and work around responsibility for one another and our shared world. The Project’s Web site hosts a library of short films and interviews that can be downloaded for free, and viewed in more than a dozen languages.

This trailer presents some of the questions and themes explored so far.


The films are being viewed in nearly 60 countries via many venues: blogs, DVDs, workplaces, conferences, feature-length screening events, and select broadcast outlets. They're particularly successful with educators of all levels—children through graduate students.

The Project is now concentrating on what happens after the films are viewed—working in particular to connect people with local and global opportunities to give.

About the Foundation

The Kalliopeia Foundation has been a valued member of Exponent Philanthropy since 2002. Kalliopeia supports projects that contribute to a growing awareness of what unifies, rather than divides, all people. Through our grantmaking programs we support the work of people committed to holistic personal, community and planetary transformation and healing based on the recognition that we are at the core one humanity, expressing itself through myriad ways and forms.

We are particularly interested in projects that help to deepen our understanding of what it means for humanity to live in harmony with the whole of life. Central to this question is the need to evolve local to global systems of living that honor nature and acknowledge the interconnectedness of all life, and what this means in terms of how we live, both individually and collectively.