New Resource on Ramping Up Your Foundation

February 16, 2016

As more and more foundations are facing the exciting prospect of significantly ramping up and increasing charitable giving and other activities, we are pleased to release a new resource, Ramping Up Your Foundation: Key Considerations for Planning and Managing a Significant Increase in Giving, created by Exponent Philanthropy and The Philanthropic Initiative.

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Ramping up can offer a number of opportunities for a foundation, including deep engagement of the board, community, and other key stakeholders; extended reach and influence on issues and communities of greatest interest; exploration into new funding strategies and areas; and ultimately greater impact.

This guide is designed to help foundations thoughtfully and responsibly plan for a significant ramp up in giving and/or adjust to a sudden infusion of assets. It includes:

  • Planning for a ramp up
  • Key considerations in the areas of governance, staffing and operations, grantmaking and evaluation, investments, and tax and legal
  • Stories from small foundations that have undergone this transition

Please feel free to share this guide with other members of your foundation and your community. And, as always, please let us know if you have questions about this or any other aspect of your philanthropy

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