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Learn from a distance with conference calls and webinars right at your desk.

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What is Distance Learning?

Distance learning is just that — learning at a distance. No need to travel! Join conference calls and webinars each month from your desk. 

How It Works

For a conference call, you need a phone to call in. You’ll hear either an expert on a topic or participate in a facilitated conversation with peers. For a webinar, in addition to a phone, you need a computer to see a presentation at the same time as other participants across the country.

Why Participate? 

It’s easy! Programs last only an hour and are packed with relevant information or engaging conversation. You can be anywhere to participate as long as you have a phone (for conference calls) or a phone and computer (for webinars). And, these events are an inexpensive way to learn about a topic.

What Are Participants Saying?

“I participated in the first insurance webinar last week. It was very informative! Even when I think I’ve covered all the bases in a specific area, there is always more to learn.” –Lindsey Stammerjohn, John Gogian Family Foundation, CA

“I am always interested in learning something new or maybe getting a different idea on how to enhance what we already are doing. Having these conference calls and/or webinars is wonderful! I don’t have to travel for several hours to attend a meeting.” –Connie Loos, Thomas D. Buckley Trust, NE


Conference Calls

Members: Free
Non-members: $40


Members: Free
Non-members: $40

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"The conference calls and webinars are wonderful! I’m always interested in learning something new, and I don’t have to travel for hours to attend a meeting."

— Connie Loos, Thomas D. Buckley Trust, NE