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Learn from a distance with our webinars and conference calls right now, at your desk. These webinar recordings and conference call transcripts are part of Exponent Philanthropy’s Distance Learning Program. They are an exclusive benefit of membership. Not a member yet? Join today and receive all the benefits of membership.

The Value of Membership: Exploring the Benefits of Exponent Philanthropy

by Laura McHugh | Aug 24, 2017

A webinar to discover the many benefits of Exponent Philanthropy membership! 

Whether you’re just getting started, navigating change, making tough decisions, or searching for greater impact, the Exponent Philanthropy member benefits webinar will get you to the answers you need. This webinar covers concrete steps you can take today to discover the value of your membership, including finding answers to your burning questions, getting connected to your community, accessing resources to advance your philanthropic goals, and more! 


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“I am always interested in learning something new or maybe getting a different idea on how to enhance what we already are doing. Having these conference calls and/or webinars is wonderful! I don’t have to travel for several hours to attend a meeting.” –Connie Loos, Thomas D. Buckley Trust, NE
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