Managing Financials


  • What IRS mileage rate should we use to reimburse foundation board and staff?

  • What administrative expenses count toward the 5% payout requirement?

  • How much should a foundation expect to spend on administrative costs?

  • Should it be a goal of our foundation to spend as little on administration as possible?

  • Is there a limit on the amount we can spend on administrative expenses?

  • Who monitors the foundation’s annual budgets?

  • What kind of budgets do small foundations use?

  • What does a typical small foundation budget look like?


Data and Research

Additional data is available in our Foundation Operations and Management Report


Primers are key information individual, family, and small-staffed foundation donors, distilled into 10 to 20 pages and available for download from our store.

Financial Reporting for Private Foundations: A Uniform System



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