Using Consultants


  • Where can we search for consultants?

  • What is a consultant?

  • What type of work are consultants usually hired for?

  • What types of consultants do small foundations typically hire?

  • How much do consultants cost?

  • Can we hire a board member as a paid consultant?

  • What questions should we consider once we’ve decided to hire a consultant?

  • What steps should we take to hire a consultant?

  • What are foundation management firms?

  • How should we manage our consultant?

  • What qualifications should we consider in a consultant?

  • How do we select the right consultant?

  • Are consultants considered contractors or employees?

  • How do we develop a work plan with our consultant?

  • What is a letter of agreement with consultants, and what might it include?

  • How do we solicit proposals from consultants?

  • How do we communicate what we’re looking for in a potential consultant?

  • When do most small foundations hire consultants?

  • How might we know it's time to hire a consultant?

  • What are some pros and cons to using consultants?

  • How can consultants help small foundations?



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