Board Meetings & Retreats


  • Where are retreats held, and how long do they last?

  • How do we plan a board retreat?

  • How do we conduct a board retreat?

  • How do we follow up with participants after a board retreat?

  • What is a board meeting book?

  • What are meeting minutes, and who records them?

  • What do meeting minutes typically include?

  • How can we keep our board meetings on track?

  • What are Robert’s Rules of Order?

  • What are some sample “ground rules” for decision making?

  • Does the board need a quorum for voting?

  • How can we assess whether our meeting was effective?

  • How do we follow up with board members after meetings?

  • What is a board retreat, and how do we know if we need one?

  • Do we need an attendance policy for board meetings?

  • Who plans and coordinates board meetings?

  • What are some of the tasks involved in planning board meetings?

  • What purposes do agendas serve at board meetings?

  • What is a consent agenda?

  • How do we know if we've planned an efficient agenda?

  • What is the role of a facilitator at board meetings?

  • Who typically facilitates board meetings?

  • How does the board chair or facilitator run a board meeting?

  • How often should our board meet?

  • What are the ingredients of effective foundation board meetings?

  • Where should the board meet?

  • How long do board meetings usually last?

  • Can we hold our board meetings by phone or online?

  • Who attends board meetings?

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