Grant Applications & Procedures


  • What might the typical grantmaking process look like?

  • How can we make our application accessible for grantseekers?

  • What is a “Request for Proposals” (RFP)?

  • What are Common Grant Applications, and how do they help grantseekers?

  • What information will enable us to make good grant decisions?

  • How much information will we require grant applicants to submit?

  • What paperwork is required, legally, to make a grant?

  • What is a letter of inquiry?

  • What is the advantage in having a screening process for grant applications?

  • Should our foundation be proactive or receptive in engaging grant applicants?

  • What are the important things to consider when developing an application process?

  • How should we attract grant applicants?

  • How can we be more accessible during the application process?

  • How can we help grantees create goals for the grant?

  • How do we acknowledge that we received proposals?

  • What do guidelines include?



Primers offer key information for individual, family, and small-staffed foundation donors, distilled into 10 to 20 pages and available for download from our Store.

Keeping Good Records: Small Foundations' Guide to Staying Organized


Additional Resources

Spending All Your Time Sifting Through Grant Applications? 
Learn how to expedite the process while minimizing ineligible and incomplete applications, with this resource from MicroEdge. 


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