As fiduciaries, foundation trustees are stewards of foundation assets and must watch over the funds—even if they hire people to manage the portfolio for them. Here are the key aspects of foundation investment management. 

Investment Oversight

It takes work and time to establish and oversee an effective investment process. Understand your fiduciary duty and seek out those who can assist you.

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Investment Policy & Strategy

An investment process is a lot more than reviewing a list of securities and performance numbers. It establishes the context, meaning, and even the appropriate responses to those numbers. Solidify your process and expectations, objectives, and guidelines for investing in an investment policy statement (IPS), revisit the IPS periodically, make informed decisions and adjustments, and use established benchmarks. 

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Asset Allocation

Asset allocation is the centerpiece of the investment policy statement (IPS). Develop strategic allocations and be sure to capture the rebalancing needs and priorities in the IPS.

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Impact Investing

Impact investing (often called mission or social investing) describes the intentional deployment of capital to generate positive financial and social returns. By pursuing impact investing, you can break down the barrier— and often the contradictions—between your philanthropy and your investing.

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Investment Terminology

For philanthropists who come to endowment management with limited experience, the graphs, charts, and investments language can be overwhelming. Familiarize yourself with key terms.

Sample Documents

Members and fellow colleagues have provided sample documents to help you manage your philanthropy with few or no staff.

Essentials of Impact Investing: A Guide for Small-staffed Foundations

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