June 2024 - Exponent Philanthropy

June 2024 Resources

Equipping Lean Funders: Key Takeaways From the 2024 Pacific Northwest Regional Events

Exponent Philanthropy members are making a significant impact, serving diverse communities locally, regionally, nationally, and globally. Recently, I had an exciting few days meeting with over 30 members, partners, and supporters in the states of Oregon and Washington. I began my journey in Portland where participants expressed excitement and appreciation for the opportunity to connect... Read More

When Philanthropy Partners, Communities Prosper

This post originally appeared on The Philanthropic Initiative’s blog. “When philanthropy partners, communities prosper.” This was the guiding mantra that tied together Exponent Philanthropy’s 2023 conference in Baltimore, MD that we attended last fall. From the start, we were energized by philanthropic and nonprofit leaders alike echoing the importance of centering community voice for greater... Read More

Governance Best Practices for Foundation Boards

Board Members as Responsible Stewards This article originally appeared in Glenmede’s “Perspectives.” Good governance is at the core of an effective board, no matter the size or complexity of the grantmaking foundation. Sound governance practices help board members be responsible stewards of the assets they oversee and establish a strategic decision-making and administrative framework. Best... Read More

More Lean Funders Should Consider General Operating Support

When funders give general operating support, they help sustain a nonprofit’s mission rather than specific projects. Nonprofits can use these funds to improve their organization in any way they choose, such as adjusting salaries, investing in technology, or improving fundraising efforts. Foundations with few or no staff are especially good at offering this support because... Read More

Creating a Cost-Effective Grant Management System

You are not alone if you feel stuck administering grants for your small-staffed foundation using sticky notes, whiteboards, or spreadsheets. For many lean foundations, the high costs of implementing and maintaining a purpose-built grant management system (GMS) can be prohibitive. However, by leveraging the nonprofit license donation programs from industry-leading technology providers, you can create... Read More