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Does Exponent Philanthropy offer a group health insurance policy?

No. Exponent Philanthropy does not offer a group health insurance policy at this time because state-specific regulations make it difficult to negotiate a group health insurance policy for our national membership. However, we’ve brokered discounted services for members with five or more staff from the human resources outsourcing firm TriNet. This includes competitive health insurance options.

In addition to sourcing health insurance options from nonprofit outsourcing firms, foundations also turn to:

  • State associations of nonprofits: Most states have state associations or nonprofit centers, and several offer group health insurance policies for nonprofits within their state or region. Visit for a list of state associations.
  • Group employers: For-profit group employers allow employees of small-staffed businesses and nonprofits to become leased employees for the purposes of obtaining human resources benefits like health insurance. You can search the internet or check the yellow pages for listings of local group employers under categories such as “group employment” or “employment services.”

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Members can access staff experts through our Q&A service by calling 202-580-6560, or post a question to the member community to hear form peers in the field.

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