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Engaging Young Adults in Philanthropy

“For those who have already begun to involve next generation family members,” says Sharna Goldseker, who works on multigenerational strategic philanthropy at the organization 21/64, “you probably have also experienced how the very act of involving the next generation changes the character of the foundation itself. The questions the next generation brings, language they use,... Read More

Tools for Philanthropic Families

Whatever your family’s goals for its giving, these tools and practices can help along the way. Working with consultants Beyond tax, legal, and investment matters, consultants can help your family in a variety of areas, including: Strategic planning, such as crafting a mission statement or planning for evaluation Board development, such as creating policies or... Read More

Suggestions for Family Staff

As the sole staff person of her family’s foundation, the Patrick Carney Foundation, Kate Larisa’s job has its share of challenges. Even if you’re part of the family, staffing a foundation can be lonely work. “I found it essential to form relationships with others and not be afraid to ask for help,” says Larisa. “If... Read More