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Getting to Impact Discussion Guide #2: Why Defining Your Focus Is Critical

This discussion guide helps you understand the benefits of focusing your foundation’s giving. It also offers tips for choosing a focus based on consensus, which is a critical step for achieving greater impact. The topics covered in this guide include: Five reasons to define a focus. Focusing with greater ease. Settling on a focus. The... Read More

Editorial Guidelines for Partner Blogs

Blog Objectives Our blog objectives come from our 2020-2025 Strategic Plan: Amplify and increase the impact of lean funders. Build a broader and deeper Exponent Philanthropy community through sharing and collaboration. Maximize our relevance and accessibility to a variety of funders. Advance diversity, equity, and inclusion in philanthropy. Understand Our Members It’s most important that... Read More

Take a Step Back and Think About Your Impact

This spring in Minneapolis, a group of funders met at the Minneapolis Jewish Federation to learn about updates to their grants management software and step back to think about their impact. As we started to talk about impact, I was asked the two questions I hear in almost every discussion on the subject: What is... Read More

Getting to Impact Through Evaluation

Even on the smallest scale, evaluation can: Provide information for decision making. Measure progress and motivate your board and staff. Help you to be as effective as possible with limited resources. Help you to be transparent and credible. Help you to learn, plan, and improve all aspects of your work. Set the stage If you... Read More

Convince Your Board to Pursue Greater Impact

If we’re not actively pursuing real impact with everything we’ve got, we’re simply processing paper and redistributing assets. Why settle for that when we can see and participate in real change? —Emily Hull-Parsons, The William McCaskey Chapman & Adaline Dinsmore Chapman Foundation I bet you’re convinced that your foundation can accomplish more with its giving,... Read More