As a philanthropist, you have the opportunity to provide leadership in your community or issue. You have the power to influence others to effect change.

Leadership in our field doesn’t depend on authority. Every individual, regardless of age, status, or position, can lead. This includes donors, founders, trustees, staff, and family members.

Exponent Philanthropy’s Leadership Initiative defines leadership for philanthropists with few or no staff, and it validates, nurtures, and celebrates your leadership. We empower you to use your knowledge, passion, skills, and unique position as philanthropists, to serve as catalysts and changemakers.

Andy Carroll 

Andy Carroll
Senior Program Director


Tear Sheets


Primers are key information individual, family, and small-staffed foundation donors, distilled into 10 to 20 pages and available for download from our store.

Twenty Ways to Make A Difference: Stories From Small Foundations

Funding and Engaging in Advocacy: Opportunities for Small Foundations

Data and Research

Additional data is available in our Foundation Operations and Management Report



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