Services - Exponent Philanthropy


We understand that lean funders, like yourself, wear many hats. You’re passionate about making a difference, but time and resources can be limited. That’s why we offer services designed to maximize your impact and streamline your grantmaking process.

  • Grantee and Applicant Perception Survey: This unique survey tool helps you understand how your grantees perceive your application process, communication style, and overall effectiveness. Identify areas for improvement and ensure your grantmaking is fostering strong partnerships and achieving optimal outcomes.
  • Custom Salary and Benefits Survey: Our custom salary reports provide you with critical compensation data for philanthropic professionals in your region. Use this information to make informed staffing decisions, ensure competitive compensation packages, and attract top talent.
  • Speaking/Facilitating Services: Tap into the deep well of experience within our team. Exponent Philanthropy can speak at your organization’s events or facilitate workshops on a variety of grantmaking topics.