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The Ambassador Program invites current members to share the value of Exponent Philanthropy with other funders. While the “Toolkit” provides resources to help you share the benefits of membership with your peers, your own experience with our association and telling others why you continue to be a member, is the best testimony you can provide.

If you are interested in being an Ambassador, download the resources on this page and use them as a guide when talking to prospective members.

Goals for Ambassadors

  • Share information about Exponent Philanthropy with prospective members
  • Answer questions from prospective members you meet
  • Connect those interested in learning about membership with Exponent Philanthropy staff
  • Be available to speak with prospective members (referred by staff) who want a peer perspective on membership

Ambassador Toolkit:

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Thank you to our Ambassadors for growing our community through your referrals

John Amoroso, The David and Lura Lovell Foundation
Brooke Brown, Carson Foundation
Jason Brzoska, Newton and Rochelle Becker Charitable Trust
Thomas Blaney, McCaddin McQuirk Foundation
Beth Stipe, Community Foundation of North Central Washington
Christopher Peterman, William F. Grupe Foundation
Jean Buckley, Tracy Family Foundation
Glenda Cadwallader, Paul and Helen Ellis Trust
Alfred Cavallaro, The Gaudio Family Foundation
Nina Cohen, George & Mary Kremer Foundation
Shirish Dayal, Tarsadia Foundation
Gary W. Freels, Judd S. Alexander Foundation, Inc.
Kelly Gray, McLaughlin Family Foundation
Jeff Glebocki, Strategy + Action/Philanthropy
Pegine Grayson, Ann Peppers Foundation
Eliot P. Green
Kathy Huschke, Oleson Foundation
David Jackson, Cornell Brewer Foundation
Dani Mathison, The Waise Foundation
Gerald McCarthy
Clark McCain, The Coleman Foundation, Inc.
Kerry McHugh, Helen J. Serini Foundation
Ted Mullet, Mittler Family Foundation
Samuel Politziner, Arbor Brothers
Jerome J. Reso, Jr., Kendall Vick Public Law Foundation
Janis Reischmann, Hau’oli Mau Loa Foundation
Huldah Robertson, Glenmede
Jenny Russell, Merck Family Fund
Stephanie Schlecht, Schlecht Family Foundation
Catherine Schwoefferman, The Stewart W. and Wilma C. Hoyt Foundation, Inc.
Paul Spivey, Phillips Oppenheim
Mark Strode, “The Woods” Charitable Foundation
Jeffrey Stubbe, Dwight and Linda Davis Foundation
Ernest Vasseur, Healthcare Foundation of Northern Lake County
Chris Wade, Wade Family Charitable Foundation
Jenna Wachtmann, Ball Brothers Foundation
Henry Wenderoff, David Kimmel Foundation
Heather Zoromski, Darr Family Foundation
Patrick DeMoon Sr., The Kara Foundation
Robert Falter, The Reisman Foundation
Sapphira Goradia, The Goradia Foundation
Jane Grace, The Clarke Family Foundation
Ted Hoffman, Vera C. Hendry Foundation
Camille Morvant, Lorio Foundation
Nancy M. Gilberg, M.D., Robina Foundation
Neely Kountze, Gilbert M. and Martha H. Hitchcock Foundation
Brian McIntyre, Jack and Shirley McIntyre Foundation
Jane Brockbank, Zidell Family Philanthropy
Kendra Klink, The James Foundation
Dan Teefey, Tracy Family Foundation
Elizabeth Versten, The Harvey L. Miller Family Foundation