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Join us for an upcoming educational program to meet other funders who give with few or no staff and learn from skilled facilitators who understand your unique style of philanthropy.

Exponent Philanthropy brings you content in many virtual formats in our continued effort to support you with resources & connections.

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Webinars are formal topical presentations with experts and member speakers.

Virtual Seminars

Multi-day, formal deep-dive structured learning with expert speakers.

Live Discussions

Topical conversations among 3-4 selected member speakers and a moderator.

Virtual Roundtables

Informal networking in small groups: limited structure for member conversation.

Peer Circles

Peer circles are planned and hosted by members and are an opportunity for peer networking, sharing personal experiences, and learning something new.


The Annual Conference attracts 1,000 philanthropy professionals and more than 45 philanthropic services companies and organizations for 2.5 days of educational programming and networking.

Do you have an idea for a program? Let us know!