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The Catalytic Philanthropy Podcast

Creative Funders Explore Their Art and Craft

Meet some of the most creative, resourceful, and risk-taking funders in the country who are creating a new kind of philanthropy and shifting from the transactional to the transformational.

In this podcast, we explore Catalytic Leadership in Philanthropy (CLIP), including:

  • What makes lean foundations creative
  • How lean foundations make impact far beyond their size
  • The powers and resources lean foundations havebeyond money
  • Why lean funders are often the first to notice and support breakthrough solutions
  • How lean foundations build civic participation, advance equity, and catalyze change

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About the Catalytic Philanthropy Podcast

The Catalytic Philanthropy Podcast is made possible by grants from two Exponent members, the 1772 Foundation in Morristown, New Jersey and the Blackstone Ranch Institute in El Prado, New Mexico.

About the Producer & Host

Andy CarrollAndy Carroll is the producer and host of the Catalytic Philanthropy Podcast and senior advisor at Exponent Philanthropy. Andy  has an MBA from the University of Michigan and 30 years of experience in management, training, and program development for nonprofit organizations. Follow him on Twitter @andycarrollexpo

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Our music is by Jens Bjornkjaer, a Danish composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist living in Los Angeles. He has scored films for Ai Weiwei and Lars Von Trier, composed for the Royal Danish Theatre and in 2021, he was nominated for a Danish Oscar. His band O Future has been featured in NYT, The Guardian, Spin, Pitchfork, and others.