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Speaking and Facilitating

Whether you’re planning a foundation retreat, a virtual conference, or a board development session, we can connect you with the perfect speaker or facilitator to meet your specific needs. We offer both in-person and virtual presentations, allowing you to choose the format that best suits your audience and location.

Keynote from CEO, Paul D. Daugherty

With years of deep-rooted experience in philanthropy and how it affects local communities, Exponent Philanthropy CEO, Paul D. Daugherty can offer insightful keynote remarks on a number of topics, including:

  • Power of Possibility
  • The Impact of Lean Philanthropy
  • Building Community through Philanthropy Partnerships
  • Philanthropy’s Role in Strengthening America
    … and much more!

Workshops and Programs on Diverse Topics

We can lead engaging workshops that encourage active participation and knowledge exchange. facilitate civic reflection sessions, or speak on various topics impacting lean funders. We offer in person or virtual programs to accompany our many of our publications, as well as the topics below:

  • Trends in Lean Philanthropy: Stay ahead of the curve with insights on emerging trends shaping the landscape for lean funders.
  • Finding Focus: Refine your grantmaking strategy by exploring effective methods to identify and prioritize high-impact areas.
  • Embracing Catalytic Leadership in Philanthropy: Learn how to leverage your resources and influence to create lasting and systemic change.
  • Intro to Foundations 101: Equip new grantmakers with the essential knowledge and tools to navigate the world of foundations.
  • Racial Equity in Lean Foundations: Explore strategies to integrate racial equity into your grantmaking practices and promote positive social change.
  • 10-Minute Impact Assessment: Discover a streamlined approach to assess the effectiveness of your grantmaking efforts.
  • Funder/Grantee Relationships: Cultivate strong and productive partnerships with the organizations you support.
  • Board Dynamics: Foster effective board governance and collaboration for optimal impact.

Whether you’re a membership association, foundation, giving circle, community foundation, or nonprofit, Exponent Philanthropy can be your partner in building a more informed and impactful philanthropic community.

Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and objectives. We’ll curate a speaking or facilitation engagement that empowers your foundation, board, or team to make a difference.