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Investment Essentials

If you are new to foundation investing, find out what you need to know beyond the numbers to make sense of and guide your foundation’s investments. In this five-part virtual seminar, we’ll cover the basics: investment policy statements, implementing your strategy (and whether to hire someone to help), building portfolios, mission investing, and an up-to-date assessment of current market conditions.

Seminar Learning Objectives

  • Provide clear, accurate definitions of fundamental investment terms and concepts
  • Introduce skills to understand financial markets
  • Develop participants’ ability to manage and oversee foundation portfolios

Investment Essentials can be purchased as a series or in individual modules.

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  • Module 1: Investment Policy Statements
  • Module 2: Implementing an Investment Strategy
  • Module 3: Building Your Portfolio: Asset Allocation
  • Module 4: Mission Investing
  • Module 5: Market Outlook: Managing Your Assets During COVID-19


Resources to complement this online learning:

Investments Collection

This bundle of four primers offers valuable information to the person who oversees your foundation’s investments, including:

    • Getting It Done: The Who and How of Small Foundation Investing
    • Creating a Strategy and Plan for Your Foundation’s Investing: Developing and Using an Investment Policy Statement (IPS)
    • Mission Investing for Small Foundations
    • Leveraging Your Assets With Loans and Other Program Related Investments (PRIs)

Put together, these resources offer a comprehensive overview of the challenges, and opportunities, that come with investing your foundation’s assets to advance your mission. Click here to download.

A Leanly Staffed Funder’s Guide to Foundation Investing

Every foundation’s goal is to have a thoughtful, disciplined investment process that is aligned with the foundation’s purpose and goals. This guide provides a high-level overview to quickly help you understand different aspects of foundation investment. Click here to download.