2021 Outsized Impact Award - Exponent Philanthropy

2021 Outsized Impact Award

The 2021 Outsized Impact Award honors an individual at an Exponent Philanthropy member organization whose style of philanthropy is achieving outsized—or, greater than expected—impact.

Congratulations to all of this year’s nominees and thank you to those who nominated them. We are truly inspired by the work you do and the passion you have for your grantees.

2021 Outsized Impact Award Finalists

Exponent Philanthropy was delighted to award Kameron Green the 2021 Outsized Impact Awards. Leading with boldness, determination, and grace, Kameron’s built a strong group of family foundation practitioners who are committed to the learning and unlearning needed to dismantle systemic racism and uproot unwieldy and oppressive philanthropic practices. Read more about her work >>.