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25 Years of Empowering Lean Funders

In 1996, a group of trustees and executives from foundations with few or no staff gather under a handwritten sign that says, “Are you alone with millions?” to form the Association of Small Foundations (ASF). Since then, our Association’s history has been a place where leanly-staffed funders come for answers, learn from experts, and connect with peers.

In 2014, we changed our name to Exponent Philanthropy and last year we launched a new strategic plan. We are continually reinforcing our dedication to creating an inclusive and valuable community of lean funders. This year, Exponent Philanthropy celebrates its 25th anniversary and we invite you to help us celebrate this important milestone.

We’re looking ahead to the next 25, and ask that you contribute to the Exponent Philanthropy 25th Anniversary Campaign.

Contributing to the Exponent Philanthropy 25th Anniversary Campaign guarantees that lean funders continue to find support and connections among a growing community of peers for years to come. Your foundation’s donation will help us reach our $150,000 goal, allowing us to improve as a non-profit organization, and meet the evolving needs of lean funders like yourself.

Take a moment and think about what our membership has meant to your knowledge base, social network and philanthropic impact. We hope you’ll consider giving to the place that’s created those opportunities and more.

Exponent Philanthropy is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization (EIN: 65-0617866) that is dedicated to serving funders who practice philanthropy with few or no staff. We rely on your tax-deductible contributions to fund our work.