20th Anniversary - Exponent Philanthropy

20th Anniversary

In 2016, Exponent Philanthropy celebrated its 20th anniversary of guiding, connecting, and championing small-staffed philanthropy and our members’ aspirations to create a better world. For two decades, donors, trustees, and foundation staff have joined our community to learn best practices, develop strategies to increase impact, and meet partners and colleagues in the field.

Throughout 2016, we celebrated our achievements and also looked forward to ensure our sustainability, community, and future. To honor Exponent Philanthropy’s important work, the legacy of the Association of Small Foundations, and the essential efforts of all our members, we launched a 20th Anniversary Campaign to build on our success and continue to support funders who work with few or no staff.

The 20th Anniversary Campaign sought to raise $200,000 above the amount our annual campaign raises every year to cover general operations. These funds will allow the pursuit of new programs and member services that will deliver additional value to our community. In particular, members regularly turn to Exponent Philanthropy seeking legal guidance and advice on essential topics including tax regulations, advocacy funding, personnel policies, and bylaws. With additional financial resources, our association will enhance its ability to provide this important technical assistance, hopefully saving members money now spent on outside advice.

Thank you to our 20th Anniversary Committee:

Bruce Conley
Second Chance Foundation

Marty Fluharty
The Americana Foundation

 Shirish Dayal
Tarsadia Foundation

Dave Geenan
Doris and Victor Day Foundation
 Patrick DeMoon
The Kara Foundation

Judy Peckham
Conrad and Virginia Klee Foundation

Rob DiLeonardi 
VNA Foundation