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Catalytic Leadership Academy

The Catalytic Leadership Academy provides lean funders with the skills and confidence to engage in Catalytic Leadership in Philanthropy. These programs cover a number of leadership skills and grantmaking practices through action-oriented, hands-on learning opportunities with expert faculty and lean funder peers as coaches and guides. Look for this logo when registering for an Exponent Philanthropy program.

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What is Catalytic Leadership in Philanthropy?

Catalytic leadership in philanthropy is a mindset and practice that empowers lean, place-based foundations to unleash their full potential to spark transformative change on issues prioritized by local communities.

By embracing their unique abilities to act quickly, focus persistently, and nurture deep relationships, individuals who embrace CLIP go beyond typical grantmaking and become dynamic agents of progress. These funders weave networks, break through barriers, and invite new voices to the decision table, all in pursuit of reshaping systems, addressing inequities, and fostering vibrant collaborations that create lasting impact.