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2022 Racial Equity in Lean Foundations

Closing the Gap Between Intention and Impact

This publication contains Exponent Philanthropy’s most recent findings on racial equity in lean foundations.

Collected through FOMR data, surveys, and interviews with members, this report centers on the relevance of racial equity to our members’ mission, as well as their board and staff demographics. We also describe how racial equity relates to good governance, grantmaking, and investment practices.

Why Racial Equity in Lean Foundations?

The Bridgespan Group and Echoing Green identified two primary factors that hinder philanthropy from helping to advance social change:

  1. An understanding of the role of race in the problems philanthropists are trying to solve
  2. The significance of race when it comes to how philanthropists identify leaders and find solutions

All too often, funders develop solutions without a race-based lens, even though race is one of the most reliable predictors of life outcomes.

Being able to listen and having humility, curiosity, and a commitment to continual learning are key qualities needed to start one’s racial equity journey. Many lean funders have these traits. However, they must first look internally to evaluate how their demographics and operations could be perpetuating racial inequities.

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