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Teen Philanthropy Café

This series introduces young people to strategic, thoughtful philanthropy, and inspires them toward giving with impact. Families and adults who work with youth can use these guides to facilitate peer discussions and fun activities around giving.

On the menu

Objective: Learn how the grantmaking process works and start to think about areas you’d like to give to.
Collaboration in Philanthropy
Objective: Discuss the value of collaboration in philanthropy. Learn how philanthropists work together to leverage their time, money, and results. Think about ways you can work together with others for causes you care about.
Path to Impact
Objective: Discuss the importance of impact in philanthropy. Learn how philanthropists strive toward and create impact.
Leadership for a Changing World
Objective: Discuss the value of leadership and the traits of good leaders. Learn how philanthropists act as leaders. Create action steps for leading in your community.
The Nonprofit Universe
Objective: Understand the world of nonprofits, and where foundations and other forms of giving fit in.
Thoughtful Site Visits
Objective: Discuss the benefits of site visits. Learn how to meet with a nonprofit in a way that is respectful of its time. Discover whether site visits are valuable for you.
Using Your Voice
Objective: Share with others the mission and meaning behind your giving. Consider whether you want to “get out there” publicly with your giving. Make a difference by using your voice.

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This project is a partnership of Exponent Philanthropy and Youth Philanthropy Connect, with funding by the Frieda C. Fox Family Foundation.