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Can you share a checklist for board meetings?

Board Meeting Checklist

Before the Meeting:

  • Let trustees know the meeting date, place, and time well in advance.
  • Assign or remind trustees of board roles and tasks, so they can come prepared.
  • Plan the meeting with a facilitator (if appropriate) and get input from the rest of the board.
  • Establish clear goals for the meeting.
  • Distribute a meeting agenda with time frames that allow for socializing.
  • Distribute any reading materials.

During the Meeting:

  • Stay connected to mission.
  • Describe the meeting agenda and goals.
  • Clarify everyone’s role.
  • Use consent agendas, where appropriate.
  • Encourage participation and invite questions.
  • Stay on task and on time.
  • Save the socializing for later.
  • Recap the meeting’s achievements.

After the Meeting:

  • Ask trustees what worked well about the meeting and what could improve.
  • Distribute minutes within 2 weeks and include a to-do list.
  • Follow up with other promised communications.
  • Contact members who did not attend and provide a report on the meeting.

(Adapted from the article “Making the Most of Your Board Meetings” by Elaine Gast Fawset, philanthropy advisor and communications strategist with

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