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Is Change Calling You in Life, Love, or Philanthropy?

How do we make the biggest decisions in life? How do we decide to get married? Have a child? Begin a new career? Start a business? How do organizations such as foundations transform themselves? Sometimes change comes from deliberate planning—a weighing of pros and cons, mapping out scenarios, looking at the different considerations (financial, practical,... Read More

Are You Using Your Power, or Leaving It on the Table?

Power is taboo. We’re uncomfortable that some wield greater strength and influence, and use it to hold sway over others. In spite of our laws and regulations, our checks and balances, our moral and social norms nurturing restraint and respect, people use power to bend rules; exclude and disenfranchise; distort facts and disseminate misinformation; manufacture... Read More

Partnerships Equal More Impact

When lean funders combine their grantmaking, influence, and passion, they have more impact than either could individually. The Leighty Foundation (Juneau, AK) and the Lodestar Foundation (Phoenix, AZ) both believe that strategic volunteer engagement can advance the missions of funders and their grant partners.  Volunteers are often the first to respond to pressing community needs.... Read More

Change: The Invisible Thread in Our Work

Change is life’s only constant. As philanthropists, we will either be undergoing change or driving it throughout our time involved in giving. Whether you love it or hate it, are in a position to react to it or create it, it is critical to our success as change agents to understand how we experience change... Read More

Hatred Never Takes a Day Off; Neither Should We

I grew up and spent most of my life in greater Boston. This included the 1970s when racial tension in the city was heightened by court-ordered bussing to desegregate the Boston City Schools. It was an ugly time for the region and a city so integral to the American Revolution. If I’m honest with myself,... Read More