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Donor Intent

Documenting and following donor intent is of concern not only to family foundations but to independent foundations, corporate foundations, community foundations, and operating foundations. Some donors have specific criteria they wish the foundation follow for its lifetime, whereas other donors want the foundation to be flexible in responding to future needs. As a result, understanding... Read More

Orienting New Trustees

By following a few simple steps to create an orientation that is both effective and engaging, you can give your new trustees the tools they need. Here’s how. See also the publication Bringing on the Board: Practical Steps for Orienting Foundation Board Members >> Set your goals If you define your goals before designing the... Read More

Whistleblower Policy

Whistleblower or antifraud policy regulations now apply to foundations and nonprofits by virtue of the Sarbanes–Oxley Act of 2002. Although the act does not specifically require nonprofits (including private foundations) to develop a written internal policy or procedure, board members and employees must be sure to follow the new law. The new law states there... Read More

Five Ways to Keep Your Trustees on Track

Trustees have many responsibilities, and it’s important to be vigilant in the areas in which trustees trip up most. Here are five ways to keep your trustees on the right track. Develop a cohesive and compelling purpose Foundations with a clear mission statement can minimize the conflicts that arise when trustees’ personal agendas dominate. Work... Read More

A Quick Guide to Foundation Bylaws

Bylaws are a must for any foundation. They specify the operations and rules of conduct for a foundation—how it will run and be managed. Every foundation that is formed as a corporation must have bylaws among its governing documents. Each state has its own specifications for content of the bylaws, and your foundation’s bylaws must... Read More

Starting a Private Foundation

Private foundations play an important role in communities across the country—filling the shelves of food pantries, employing directors of youth centers, advocating for human rights, and much more. Opportunities abound for you to make a difference through private foundation giving. How do you determine if a private foundation is right for you? Know the field... Read More