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Annual Board To-Dos: The Must-Have Checklist for Running a Foundation

What’s on the agenda for your board this year? Are you covering the bases of good governance? Maintaining a checklist of annual to-dos can be an easy way to keep your foundation up to date and on-track. A checklist for your board can serve as a reminder of your legal obligations and governance best practices.... Read More

Ready to ACT? 3 Steps to Effective Foundation Communications

An effective communications strategy can amplify a foundation’s impact by lifting up the successes of its grantees and other partners, elevating the causes that matter most to the organization, and connecting ideas, people, and resources around a common purpose. Every foundation, regardless of size, can reap the rewards of integrating a strategic communications approach into... Read More

Are Face-to-Face Meetings Obsolete?

Originally published by PEAK Grantmaking (November 17, 2017) A few weeks ago, I got the opportunity to attend a full day, in-person event with PEAK Grantmaking’s Midwest Regional Chapter. As a millennial (albeit on the older side of the generation) who started her career taking trainings online and conducting webinars, you might be surprised to... Read More

Planning a Meeting? Ditch the Conference Room and Hit the Hiking Trail

I had one of my more interesting and productive meetings with two colleagues the other day. Like me, these colleagues are both executive directors of grantmaking foundations that work in our community. One has tenure of more than 15 years, and I have known him for those years and more. The other is celebrating his... Read More

5 Tips for New Foundation Staff

When I started my job as a program officer at Ball Brothers Foundation a little over two years ago, I knew I had a lot to learn. There were technical aspects of working for a foundation that I knew I’d need to master (grant files, legal dos and don’ts), and it was also important for... Read More

Why Some Foundations Keep Grant Records Indefinitely

There’s more to recordkeeping than meets the eye. Some foundations have discovered that good recordkeeping helps them improve their grantmaking and stay informed in their communities. In search of trends The Vine and Branches Foundation goes beyond the rules of recordkeeping. It uses records to assess where the foundation has been and where it wants... Read More