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Expectations of Board Members

Foundation board members are expected to: Set and adjust the direction for the foundation: its mission and goals. Establish principles, policies, and procedures that govern the foundation’s operation and advance its mission. Oversee the foundation to ensure that it operates effectively and efficiently in support of the mission, and that it complies with legal rules.... Read More

Engaging Stakeholders for More Effective Grantmaking

Grantmakers can realize an array of benefits by engaging stakeholders effectively: A deeper understanding of issues and problems A truer sense of grantees’ needs and the challenges they’re facing More effective strategies for achieving the foundation’s mission The risks of not doing this work include frayed relationships with grantees and communities, insufficient understanding of key... Read More

Right-Sizing Your Requirements

Right-sizing means tailoring what you require of grantseekers and grantees to apply for and report on grants so that the requirements are proportionate to the size of grant, appropriate to the type of grant, and reflective of any existing relationship with the grantee. In short, right-sizing considers the notion of net grants, that is, the... Read More