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Disability-Inclusive Grantmaking

As philanthropists, we envision communities that value and support people in all their diverse manifestations. We promote equality of opportunity and equitable outcomes. Yet, when we talk about diversity and inclusive philanthropy, we often mention disability at the very end of a long list—if it gets mentioned at all. Many of us who work full... Read More

Fall 2019: Funder Collaboration

Our highly rated publication provides a wealth of information in one easy read. In this issue: Funder Collaboration Defined Four Myths About Philanthropic Collaboration Creating the Funder Network I Needed Network-Weaving: A Key Factor in My Philanthropic Success A Conversation With Experienced Collaborators Read More

Peer Circles Planning Guide

Peer circles are a chance for members to convene fellow funders to learn together and network. These conversation groups are primarily based in local communities, but they also can be virtual. Peer circles are planned and hosted by members and are an opportunity for peer networking, sharing personal experiences, and learning something new. If you’d like... Read More

Sample Document
Abbreviated Version of Strategic Plan

This document is an overview of the Ball Brothers Foundation’s four main strategic plan goals, with the foundation’s general objectives listed under each strategic goal. *** We thank the Ball Brothers Foundation for these sample resources. Read More

Sample Document
Strategic Plan Sample

This document provides an example of how the Ball Brothers Foundation tracks its progress towards its strategic objectives. This matrix provides a picture of one of the foundation’s goals and just one of the objectives and action items. *** We thank the Ball Brothers Foundation for these sample resources. Read More