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Disaster Grantmaking Strategies

In the aftermath of major disasters, individuals, corporations, foundations, and government agencies—often from all over the world—give vast sums in response to compelling situations. What impact can small grants make when regions are devastated by disaster? “While we live in an age of large organizations and institutions, there are still many circumstances where small is... Read More

From the Desks of Junior Board Members

Kylie, age 9, writes: Last year was such a great year. The board approved my grant request for Project HELP, and I presented a session called “Youth on Board” at the Exponent Philanthropy National Conference. I was the youngest person to present at the conference. I got to answer questions and even get interviewed afterward.... Read More

Impact Investing: How One Foundation Is Extending Its Mission

The Needmor Fund believes that foundations express their values through more than just where they give their money. How they behave as organizations and use their assets also reflects those values. The fund first became aware of conflict between its mission and its investments in the 1980s. Here’s their story. As stockholders, we are the... Read More

Why Written Job Descriptions Are So Important

A job description is a general, global view of the job and its responsibilities. It should include the title of the position and a broad view of the requirements of the job; for example: The executive director is the chief executive officer and is responsible for carrying out the policies established by the board, interacting... Read More

Discretionary Grants Policy

Discretionary grantmaking is the practice of allowing board members and, in some cases, committee members, family members, or staff to direct a portion of grantmaking dollars to organizations of their choice. Although the board is legally responsible for all discretionary grants, the grants generally are approved without extensive review or discussion. They truly are made... Read More

Disaster Response: Connect, Collaborate, Consider, Communicate

Experts and experience have shown that the most effective grantmaking in response to a disaster follow the “Four Cs”: Connect with a good source of information about the disaster. Local organizations are already at the scene, know best what is needed, and understand the complex political, social, and cultural context. You might call on: The... Read More