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A Leanly Staffed Funder’s Guide to Foundation Investing

Every foundation’s goal is to have a thoughtful, disciplined investment process that is aligned with the foundation’s purpose and goals. This guide provides a high-level overview to quickly help you understand different aspects of foundation investment. Within these pages, you’ll find out how to start off with an investment policy statement (IPS), why your foundation... Read More

Impact Investing: How One Foundation Is Extending Its Mission

The Needmor Fund believes that foundations express their values through more than just where they give their money. How they behave as organizations and use their assets also reflects those values. The fund first became aware of conflict between its mission and its investments in the 1980s. Here’s their story. As stockholders, we are the... Read More

Impact Investing: Q&A With Financial Advisors

To learn about impact investing as an option for philanthropists with few or no staff, Exponent Philanthropy spoke with Adam Seitchik and Bill Marvel of Arjuna Capital, Liz Michaels of Aperio Group, and Tim Coffin of Breckinridge Capital Advisors. What do they recommend for funders who are ready to consider impact investing? Exponent Philanthropy: Impact... Read More

Impact Investing Resources

The impact investing field has a lot of momentum. Learn from foundations and other organizations at the center of the movement, as well as from foundations that are earlier in the process. Foundations The Case Foundation published a short guide to impact investing. F.B. Heron Foundation is a leader in impact investing. KL Felicitas Foundation’s... Read More