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Lessons on Evaluation From a Foundation Executive Director

A foundation executive director, I am sharing four lessons about how to evaluate outcomes more effectively. The points that follow are not complex ideas. To many, they probably seem obvious. As is often the case for me, the mere act of recording them provided me with new insights. Find the right approach for your work... Read More

Navigating Nonprofit Financials

With just a bit of time and effort to review nonprofits’ financials, you will get to know organizations better and choose those best equipped to create the changes you seek. Terms to know Assets represent what the nonprofit owns—Current assets are the sum of all assets that could be converted to cash in less than... Read More

How to Read Potential Grantees’ Financial Statements

The primary purpose of financial statements is to communicate the financial health of the grantee. A non-accountant should be able to understand a well- written statement. The balance sheet, a statement of position, views a grantee on a specific date. The income statement, a statement of activity, looks at a year’s operating activity. The statement... Read More

Red Flags in Nonprofit Financials

You can find red flags in a nonprofit’s Form 990 or in its financial statements, as well as in conversation—and many do not require technical knowledge. ShoreBank, a community development bank serving Chicago, Cleveland, and Detroit, provides the following list of red flags. Red flags in financial statements Decrease in annual revenue Decrease in net... Read More

Addressing Key Financial Challenges Facing Nonprofits: Five Strategies for Grantmakers

In its report On the Money, Grantmakers for Effective Organizations describes several financial challenges faced by nonprofits: Restrictions on funding—Despite the importance of infrastructure to nonprofits’ success, grantmakers overwhelmingly prefer to support the direct delivery of programs and services. The result is an underinvestment in the infrastructure nonprofits need to sustain and grow, such as... Read More

Scanning the Landscape

How do small foundations scan? For starters, they venture into the community, listen to grantees, talk with community leaders and residents, review publications, and commission research and reports. Foundations have the privilege and opportunity to talk with almost anyone in a community. “We try to keep a pulse on the community and learn of things... Read More