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Beyond the Numbers: Telling Your Story on the Form 990-PF

The Form 990-PF is often the public face of your foundation. It is publicly available at  Embedded in the Form 990-PF is a series of oft-neglected questions that give you an opportunity to explain how your charitable activities advance the foundation’s mission and vision.  Instead of using the two or three lines provided on the... Read More

Planning for Set-Asides

Amounts that foundations set aside or save for specific projects may be treated as current qualifying distributions. To qualify, the foundation must satisfy the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) rule that the amount set aside for a specific project be paid out within 5 years, and that the set-aside amount is appropriate because the project can... Read More

Closing Shop

Although most foundations choose to exist in perpetuity, it is increasingly common for foundations to consider closing shop. The reasons for closing shop are often straightforward—donor mandate, a preference to give while living, challenging family dynamics, or a desire to spend out for greater impact in the short term—but the process can be complicated. If... Read More

Preparing for an IRS Audit

The best protection against audit problems is to know the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) rules and keep good records. The interest and dividend statements, canceled checks, and so forth that back up your return should be kept with the return. A typical foundation IRS audit notice requests that the following records be made available: Organizing... Read More

Differences Between Foundations and Other Charities

The Internal Revenue Code (IRC) contains precise definitions for tax purposes of what is a charity and what is a private foundation. The difference is important because special rules and penalty taxes apply to private foundations but not public charities. Section 501(c)(3) of the IRC defines a charitable organization as follows: Corporations, and any community... Read More

Protecting Your Foundation With Insurance

In today’s litigious society, anyone—including your foundation and the individuals associated with it—may be the target of a lawsuit. Although state and federal laws may provide some protection for your board members and volunteers, this immunity will extend to your organization in only a few states. These laws often contain no protection for legal expenses,... Read More