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How Participatory Grantmaking Can Strengthen Your Philanthropy

Money affects power dynamics in relationships and as donors, we have the responsibility to send money carefully. When considering alternatives to a traditional funding approach, participatory grantmaking leverages knowledgeable input and democratic checks and balances. Being participatory is more than soliciting outside advice; it means inviting people at the center of the work to participate... Read More

Disaster Response: Connect, Collaborate, Consider, Communicate

Experts and experience have shown that the most effective grantmaking in response to a disaster follow the “Four Cs”: 1. Connect with a good source of information about the disaster Local organizations are already at the scene, know best what is needed, and understand the complex political, social, and cultural context. You might call on:... Read More

Philanthropic Impact: Key Strategies and Factors

As foundations strive to make meaningful change in support of their missions, understanding what leads to philanthropic impact is crucial. In the 2023 Foundation Operations and Management Report, foundations named insufficient grantmaking impact as one of their top challenges. In this blog, I’ll discuss a few factors that drive impact, as well as strategies for... Read More

Why Do We Call Ourselves Grantmakers?

I recently returned to a favorite publication of mine—Small Can Be Effective by Paul Ylvisaker, published first in 1989. I remember thinking it was thoughtful and relevant years ago, and I was particularly taken this time by the discussion of the five roles of small foundations. One of the things that struck me was the... Read More

A Small Funder Engages Its Community’s Expertise

As president of the foundation and son of the founders, I feel that our strategy leverages our assets exponentially. Here is how we do it. Established in 1984, the Zeigler Foundation is a small family foundation composed of seven board members with an endowment of just over $2.7 million. In 20 years we have distributed... Read More