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Making Your Board More Equitable Requires an Intentional Transformation

The National Recreation Foundation (NRF), with roots going back to 1919, supports youth development through recreation. It believes all young people should have the opportunity to have positive recreational experiences, regardless of their geographic, social or economic status. When these experiences are accessible to everyone, everywhere, they build strong kids and communities. Historically, the NRF... Read More

8 Podcast Episodes for Anyone Who Works in Philanthropy

During the pandemic, I dove headfirst into the great wide world of podcasts. Since then, I’ve listened to tens of thousands of hours across a variety of subjects. Here are 8 thought-provoking episodes I think would benefit anyone working in philanthropy. What are your favorite podcasts and podcast episodes? Please let us know in the... Read More

The Power of Our Peer Coaching Circle

Over the past year, four of us—all women who work as executive directors of foundations with few staff—have been participating in a peer coaching group that grew out of Exponent Philanthropy’s Master Juggler Executive Institute. Because it has had such a meaningful impact on us, we wanted to share some thoughts about this experience and... Read More

7 Types of Successful Philanthropists

Understanding the type of funder you are—and matching with like-minded nonprofit leaders—is one of the most important building blocks to achieving your funding goals. As nonprofit development consultants, we create funder profiles to help our clients better understand the various types of philanthropists and how to best engage them. What Type of Philanthropist Are You? A... Read More

Is Change Calling You in Life, Love, or Philanthropy?

How do we make the biggest decisions in life? How do we decide to get married? Have a child? Begin a new career? Start a business? How do organizations such as foundations transform themselves? Sometimes change comes from deliberate planning—a weighing of pros and cons, mapping out scenarios, looking at the different considerations (financial, practical,... Read More