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9 Easy Cyber Security Actions Lean Funders Should Take

Major cyberattacks seem to take place weekly. In recent years, everything from gas production to meat packing has been vulnerable. As executive director of the Middendorf Foundation, each incident raised my blood pressure. While I knew I needed to protect my organization, I didn’t feel like I had the right tools to do so. As... Read More

Did the Pandemic Change Lean Funders?

In recent years, we have collected data on how our community of lean funders is responding to the pandemic. In April 2020, we surveyed members on what they planned to do. We shared those findings in this report. The next year, our 2021 Foundation Operations and Management Survey (FOMS) collected more detailed information on how... Read More

2022 Outsized Impact Award Finalists

The Outsized Impact Award honors an individual at an Exponent Philanthropy member organization whose style of philanthropy is achieving outsized (or greater than expected) impact. Read the wonderful stories of the 2022 finalists.  Danyelle O’HaraMortenson Family Foundation (Minneapolis, Minnesota) As the community relationship officer at the Mortenson Family Foundation, Danyelle O’Hara is centering community in the foundation’s decision-making. Danyelle... Read More

Why Your Foundation Needs a Great Brand

What’s your foundation’s brand? Many foundations don’t recognize the value of investing in their brand. Yet, organizations that prioritize and integrate strategic communications into their core operations have a distinct advantage meeting their goals and executing their missions. What Is a Foundation Brand? Your foundation brand isn’t your logo. Your brand is the complex mix of... Read More

Recapping Our 2023 Annual Conference in Baltimore

“When philanthropy partners, communities prosper.” This theme resounded throughout our 2023 Annual Conference, where members from all 50 states and every type of community gathered with 500+ peers in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor to learn and make meaningful connections. Here are some highlights from the event: Creating Lasting Impact In our opening plenary, Wizipan Little Elk Garriott,... Read More

Simplifying Grant Applications and Reporting for Nonprofits

When foundations require detailed and specialized grant applications and reporting, it creates a lot of extra work for nonprofits. If a nonprofit secures funding from 20 to 30 foundations, it must manage applications to 40, 50, or 60 different foundations, each with unique requirements. Additionally, it must prepare grant reports for 20 to 30 foundations,... Read More