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Find Out What It’s Like on Your Grantees’ Side of the Table

Eager to pilot our new Grantee and Applicant Perception Survey with her grantees, Meg Ramsey (The Ramsey McCluskey Family Foundation, Lincoln, MA) was especially interested to learn what her grantees were thinking about the foundation’s grant process, reporting, and site visits. Anonymity was key, so her grantees did not feel that providing constructive criticism or... Read More

Creating the Funder Network I Needed

As representatives of grantmaking foundations, I imagine we all feel fortunate to work in a field that is both rewarding and challenging. We have colleagues who are respectful, smart, and devoted to making a difference, and most of us are lucky to have dedicated boards that support our activities. Working for a smaller-staffed foundation also... Read More

Giving Globally: When to Go Big & When to Go Small

Originally appeared on TPI’s Deep Social Impact blog (August 3, 2016) The recent USA Giving Report shared the good news that last year there was an increase in international giving stemming from the U.S. However, many people still see barriers to global giving. Those obstacles include the fear of corruption and dollars being wasted, the... Read More

Why We Accept Proposals Written for Other Funders

A few years ago, Robert Sterling Clark Foundation painfully let go of important issues and organizations, believing we could do more for New York City by focusing our giving. Our board of directors decided to invest in both city leaders and their networks as well as the organizations that develop those networks. After that, the board... Read More

Involving Teens in Philanthropy

By the time young people reach their teens, they are trying to develop their own identities and often prefer spending time with peers. Parents can help guide their teens’ philanthropic interests, but not dictate them. If teens aren’t interested in engaging in philanthropic activities with their families, parents may find opportunities for teens to do... Read More