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Funder Collaboratives: A Guide to Successful Partnerships

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As grantmakers, you don’t have to go it alone. Joining forces with others can be an effective strategy to accomplish your goals and achieve outcomes not possible on your own. Donors using all sorts of vehicles—foundations, donor advised funds, or checkbooks—can benefit from the collective voice and muscle found in a donor collaborative.

Funders are increasingly collaborating with one another in a variety of ways. On a spectrum from informal and low-engagement to more structured and high-engagement, the common types of collaboration include:

  • Collegial networks or membership organizations that share ideas and best practices
  • Regional or other groups that share common grant applications
  • Funders that share back-office support, staff, or other administrative functions
  • Funding partnerships of all sorts, including strategic alignment and pooled funds

This article focuses on funding partnerships.

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