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Busting Perceptions: Investing for Mission and Market-Rate Returns

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Mission-aligned investing is about putting the “other” 95% to work through the markets and toward your foundation’s mission. Many foundation board and staff think that adhering to fiduciary duty means not being able to take advantage of this mission-alignment, with a perception that this way of investing can’t achieve market-rate returns. The latest data from Exponent Philanthropy’s 2022 Foundation Operations & Management Report proves otherwise; members who are engaging in mission investing are seeing similar returns to those who aren’t using mission-focused strategies.  

Using this data as a starting point, we’ll look at case studies and learn about strategies that foundations use to invest for mission and still fulfill their fiduciary duty. Hear about academic, market-based, and legal-based research to understand the true potential risk/return benefits of mission-aligned investing.  

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