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Healthy Nonprofit Leaders, Healthy Nonprofits

How can funders help their grantees to be as effective as possible? Even small amounts can go a long way toward alleviating the tremendous demands on executive directors. Exponent Philanthropy members offer these suggestions: Board recruitment, training, and development—Consider making a grant to allow the nonprofit to focus on board recruitment, training, and development. According... Read More

Giving to Individuals Through Scholarships and Loans: Five Foundations Share Their Strategies

Any private foundation can make scholarship grants directly to individuals if it receives advance approval from the Internal Revenue Service; the foundation can file. the Schedule H form to request this approval. If the recipient is chosen by an independent entity (e.g., college or community foundation), advance approval is not needed. George and Mary Josephine... Read More

General Operating Support

“Too often as funders, we force our grantees to embark on new projects because that’s what we’re willing to fund,” says Exponent Philanthropy member Judy Peckham of the Conrad and Virginia Klee Foundation in Binghamton, NY. “Yet, organizations with good core programs often desperately need funds for administrative costs to keep those programs strong. If... Read More