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Guides & Toolkits

Peer Coaching Guide

Peer coaching is a unique opportunity to build stronger connections with other lean funders. Use this guide to help you prepare, process, and reflect upon your experiences during peer coaching.Download Peer Coaching Guide


Great Funder–Nonprofit Relationships Toolkit

This toolkit is designed to help funders recognize the aspects of great relationships with your nonprofit partners, assess competencies, and consider ways to improve how to work with one another.
Great Funder–Nonprofit Relationships Toolkit


Peer Circles Guide

Peer circles are a chance for members to convene fellow funders to learn together and network. These conversation groups are primarily based in local communities, but they also can be virtual.Download Peer Circles Guide


Ramping Up for High-Impact Philanthropy

This toolkit is for seasoned donors, donor advised fund holders, foundation trustees, and staff who are taking steps to significantly ramp up the impact of their giving.
Download Ramping Up for High-Impact Philanthropy


Media Toolkit

Targeted media strategies can help funders construct meaningful relationships with key audiences and showcase and elevate your organization, your grantees, and the causes most important to you. This is a funder’s guide to engaging with members of the media.
Download Media Toolkit