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Taking a Sabbatical

“People in philanthropy don’t give themselves permission to take a break,” says Exponent Philanthropy member Nancy Wiltsek, executive director of The Pottruck Family Foundation in San Francisco and trustee of The Gagarin Trust. “Everyone assumes we’re the ones with the cushy jobs. We give money away, so what do we need time off for?” Wiltsek... Read More

Setting Staff Compensation

Should you choose to hire paid staff, compensation must be reasonable, and the services provided must be reasonable and necessary to carry out the private foundation’s tax-exempt purpose. Compensation even may be provided to a disqualified person (i.e., staff or board member) as long as these standards are met. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) says... Read More

Prioritize Your Professional Development

“In my office of one, I’m constantly facing deadlines, putting out fires, and dealing with day-to-day needs,” says Exponent Philanthropy member Katrin Wilde, executive director of the Channel Foundation in Seattle, WA. “Sometimes I wonder, ‘Who has time for professional development?’ ” Time isn’t the only challenge. Says Wilde, “As a social justice funder, we tend... Read More

Pension Plans for Small Foundations

For starters, which foundations should consider having a pension plan? One consideration is eligibility: Any foundation that compensates any individuals for their services, whether those individuals are full-time employees, part-timers, or board members, can set up a pension plan for those individuals. Of course, tax-exempt organizations don’t gain the same tax benefits from pension contributions... Read More

Health Insurance Options

Recent surveys of Exponent Philanthropy foundation members have revealed that more than 60% provide health insurance options to their full-time staff. Nearly 20% provide health insurance to their part-time staff. See our most recent member survey data. Exponent Philanthropy does not offer a group health insurance policy at this time because state-specific regulations make it... Read More