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Topic: “Administration”

Getting Your Work Done Well

There isn’t a right or wrong way to administer your foundation—staffed or unstaffed, paid or volunteer, consultant or employee. Choose the right model for you Volunteers Many small foundations are administered entirely by volunteers. Often, a founder or board member responds to calls, keeps records, and pays bills, just to name a few common tasks;... Read More

Filing Systems

To develop a filing system as part of your overall records management system, first sort your documents into major categories that fit with your foundation’s operations. Foundations sort their documents in different ways; some foundations, for example, sort according to the following categories: Founding Documents Legal and Accounting Records Board Records Program Records Personnel Records... Read More

Administrative Expenses: Too Much? Too Little?

From a tax law perspective, a private foundation may pay “reasonable and necessary” administrative expenses—and count them toward its annual distribution requirement—without subjecting the foundation or its managers to a penalty tax. These expenses must be (a) related to the accomplishment of the foundation’s charitable purposes, (b) related to its investments, or (c) payments of... Read More

A Human Resources Checklist

If you take time to answer the following questions, you’ll be well on your way to managing staff legally and ethically, and to creating a supportive work environment that is sure to help your foundation achieve its goals. Advisors and resources Who on the board is responsible for monitoring human resources (HR) at your foundation,... Read More