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4 Finance Fundamentals for Your Foundation

Are your foundation’s finances well-managed? As a lean funder, you know the importance of keeping things efficient and organized. Taking care of the finance function is no exception. Follow these four fundamentals to ensure your foundation’s finances are in great shape. 1. Keep a Finance Calendar At lean foundations, it’s common for one or two... Read More

What Grantees Want: Championing Your Partners and Their Work

The relationship between funders and grantees goes beyond the mere exchange of financial support. It’s about fostering mutual respect, trust, and collaboration to drive meaningful change. Yet, one aspect often overlooked is the profound impact that active championing can have on the work of grantee partners. Delving into insights gleaned from our Grantee and Applicant... Read More

Annual Conference Call for Sessions

Exponent Philanthropy members and constituents design a portion of the 2024 Annual Conference, and we invite you to submit your session ideas. Preview Proposal Application Form   Evaluation Criteria We are seeking sessions that provide actionable instruction for our community of lean funders. Our expectation is that session designers articulate educational take-aways that are both... Read More

Let’s Be Candid About Board Succession Planning

Joe Wilson, founder of the Xerox Corporation, and his wife, Peggy, formed the Wilson Foundation in 1963. A few years ago, we engaged in strategic planning to revisit our giving priorities. At the time, our board had 24 members that spanned three generations, and were spread across the country. In order to achieve our impact... Read More

Advocacy With a Small “a”—Big Ideas for Small Foundations

While attending Exponent Philanthropy’s 2018 National Conference last month, I had a surprise: I saw a significant number of grantmakers genuinely excited about getting involved in advocacy! At the closing luncheon, I was seated with Melinda McAliney, Director of the Brown Sisters Foundation and Vario Philanthropy, in St Louis, Missouri. She noticed it too and... Read More

Next Gen Fellows Program

The information below is for the 2024 Next Gen Fellows Program. Keep an eye out for the forthcoming details on the 2025 Next Gen Fellows Program. The Next Gen Fellows Program is a 7-month, virtual leadership development program for dynamic leaders roughly 18–35 years old who are involved in all types of foundations as current... Read More